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System Build Log

Add Google Authenticator to SSH service

This article describes how to add Google Authenticator (one of two step authentication system) to SSH service.

Build environment to run Flask application as production using uWSGI + nginx

This article describes how to prepare production level app running environment, using uWSGI which works on mediating between Python Web application and Web server like nginx.

Note about how to run CGI on nginx

Note about how to configure nginx to work with CGI written in Python.

Build log for notifying server error system using Zabbix + Slack

To check server availability, build monitoring system using Zabbix + Slack.

How to redundant Postfix e-mail server.

If you run e-mail server system by one server, not use redundant setup, you may have risks about can't receive/send e-mails. This article describes how to configure redundant e-mail server to avoid problem.

Log for migrating GnuPG environment to new server

Describe how to migrate GnuPG.