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Web UI testing using Selenium, PhantomJS, and nose

You can easily test UI if you use Selenium (UI test tools), PhantomJS (Headless browser), and nose (Unit testing library).

Add Google Authenticator to SSH service

This article describes how to add Google Authenticator (one of two step authentication system) to SSH service.

Note for communicating JSON data between jQuery and Python CGI using Ajax

This article notes how to communicate JSON formatted data between jQuery Ajax and Python CGI.

Build environment to run Flask application as production using uWSGI + nginx

This article describes how to prepare production level app running environment, using uWSGI which works on mediating between Python Web application and Web server like nginx.

Unit testing Python Flask program using nose

This article describes how to implement Python unit testing using nose, library which can easily implement unit testing.

Note about how to run CGI on nginx

Note about how to configure nginx to work with CGI written in Python.

Note about Flask: How to implement authentication system on Flask

This article describes how to implement user authentication system to Flask. Base program that this article uses is created in [previously posted article](